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Information on your submitted applications and their statuses in the NPA’s information systems is publicly available on the NPA’s Information Portal, where the lists of applicants and beneficiaries under various measures administered by us are also published. 

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Documents in pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, adoc formats along with a signed cover letter can be submitted by e-mail: [email protected] or via ŽŪMIS portal. Due to the possibility of malware, do not link documents. Total email size should not exceed 25 MB.

Download the application form here (only in Lithuanian)
Phone No. +370 5 252 6999Short Phone No. 1841

When calling from abroad and dialing phone number +370 5 252 6999, the rate for a minute call  is applied in accordance with the different operators’ tariffs. 



Specialists of Communication Unit provide information to visitors upon their arrival (Blindžių g. 17, LT-08111 Vilnius, 1 floor,  room 102). 

Working hours:

I    8.00-18.00

II   8.00-17.00

III  8.00-18.00*

IV  8.00-17.00 

V   8.00-15.45

*Only applications or complaints of those persons who have registered in advance shall be accepted until 6 p.m.


For direct consultation please register in advance:

Short phone No: 1841
Phone No. +370 5 252 6999
by territorial unit phones

E-mail addresses of territorial offices are formed as follows without Lithuanian letters, by using Latin letters instead of them: [email protected] (EN: documents.city/[email protected]).

AlytusAlytus, Tvirtovės g.1/Naujoji g. 2831576192, 831556795+370 315 56794
KaunasKaunas, Taikos pr. 54 (įėjimas iš Ryšių g. pusės)837308569, 837308558+370 37 308559
KlaipėdaKlaipėda, Naujoji Uosto g. 11846474713+370 46 431403
MarijampolėMarijampolė, Gamyklų g. 1834397959, 834397994-
PanevėžysPanevėžys, Katedros g. 3845512160, 845512182+370 45 502279
ŠiauliaiŠiauliai, Dvaro g. 78841596120, 841502476+370 41 596081
TauragėTauragė, Prezidento g. 7844620131, 844620120+370 446 20130
TelšiaiTelšiai, Pramonės g. 5844475708, 844477058+370 444 77059
UtenaUtena, J. Basanavičiaus g. 126838964091, 838964081-
VilniusVilnius, Blindžių g. 17852649356, 852526922-

Last updated: 16-10-2023