Our mission: being a reliable and progressive organisation, we provide opportunities to use support for agriculture, rural development and fisheries in the simplest way.

Our vision: a competitive, active and environmentally-friendly society in a prosperous country.

Our objectives:

  • to provide quality services meeting customer expectations in a transparent way;
  • to perform activities efficiently;
  • to be a progressive organisation employing motivated people;
  • to effectively and evenly implement the budget allocated for maintaining NPA.

Our values:

  • Focus on the customer – we listen carefully to expectations of our customers and show them the simplest way to solve the problem.
  • Professionalism – we are flexible, we have good knowledge of our work and we continuously improve.
  • Perseverance – we employ initiative employees who believe in what they are doing, who are appreciated and respected.
  • Progressiveness – we continuously search for innovations and introduce them to improve our activities. 
  • Transparency – all our processes and their results are public and clear.
  • Cooperation – we are working hand in hand to achieve our objectives, respecting each other and cooperating both internally and externally to provide the best quality of service.

Our motto is “Let’s build a prosperous country together!”

Last updated: 16-10-2023