NPA introduced international projects and AI tools at the Lithuanian Parliament

On 20 October a Day of Agriculture was held at the Seimas – the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania. Vilnius residents and guests of the city had the opportunity to see modern agricultural equipment, an exhibition of small farm animals, to communicate with representatives of organisations that work closely with farmers, and to visit over 10 stands, including the one of the National Paying Agency (NPA).

The Day of Agriculture in the city is a unique opportunity to see up close modern and innovative agricultural machinery, devices promoting sustainability, drones and robots used in agriculture, and to get to know representatives of scientific and educational institutions, agricultural consulting and control organisations, associations and manufacturing companies.

NPA presented to the visitors of the event the Automated continuous field monitoring system (ALNSIS), which is designed to monitor and evaluate the land cover and agricultural activities in the areas declared as eligible for support throughout the territory of Lithuania. ALNSIS helps to allocate more support to real farmers, reduces the number of NPA visits to farms, discourages dishonest applicants from trying to use support, and serves as a reference when there is a necessity to inform farmers in advance about pending activities.

The visitors were also introduced to the international projects with the participation of the NPA. These are the ENVISION and EIFFEL projects funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme; BirdWatch and AgriDataValue projects funded by the EU Horizon Europe programme; Grarm for LIFE project, funded by the EU LIFE programme. The aim of these projects is to develop land cover, climate change monitoring and other tools, promoting sustainable farming practices.  

During the Day of Agriculture it was also possible to test other artificial intelligence tools which are being used in the NPA activities and which are helping to communicate more efficiently, conveniently and quickly about support for agriculture, rural development and fisheries. These are robots performing the functions of consultants, writers and artists  – they help the NPA clients to get the most relevant information 24/7. In addition, the visitors had a possibility to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality.